A New Cycle

Posted by on September 3, 2017


Ripened summer is drawing to a close. Early fall is peeking in. The eclipses are behind us, having delivered their gifts and challenges. And many of us are traveling through new, unchartered territory.

We are standing in a new cycle.

Perhaps you’re watching the dust settle, after recent changes and upheavals. Perhaps you’re taking stock of where your stand: what surrounds you now, where you want to go from here. If you’re like me, you may be doing a lot of listening. Listening hard and listening deep, for the messages from within you, for your true feelings and your intuitive knowings to surface. You may be taking time to allow these messages to bubble up to your consciousness. Acknowledging their truth. They may be messy and contradictory.

There may be hard choices ahead. There may be excitement and trepidation. Focus and disillusionment. There may be some aligning and internal housekeeping to do ~ aligning your personal will with the divine timing of things, surrendering ego, planning forward with grace, trusting the Universe, trusting yourself.

It can be difficult to find love in these hard places. Love for self. Love for others. When a part of you feels tired, betrayed, unsure, ready to give up, you can easily close your heart.

But, first! Take a breath. And then another. Reach out to your lifelines ~ community (friends, family, faith), breath, prayer, nature (water, earth, air, fire, ether, animals, trees, flowers, crystals, the sun, the moon, the stars, the desert, the ocean), a stranger (your hairdresser, your barber, your bus driver, your barista), or simply the Self within ~ and connect. Connect. Ask for help. Say “No,” to unnecessary demands. Find some time for play. Take a breath. And then another. Reach out to your healers, your medicine women, your medicine men, whomever they may be for you. Sit and have counsel with them. Get curious. Stoke your inner fire, your inner passion, your inner truth. Listen. Listen again. And then, with courage and faith, choose or decide your next step, and take your next step forward.

May you be held in love, by the Great Mystery. May you know yourself to belong. May you always be aware of the next helper, sent to assist your journey. Take their hand, take your medicine. Allow healing to happen. Allow this new cycle to reveal itself, bearing its gifts. And know that, despite the changing seasons, an eternal Summer* lies within you, always.

Blessings to you all, on your promising new cycle.


*Inspired by Albert Camus’s quote: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”