Navigating Change

Posted by on December 29, 2015

Change. Change happens. That’s the nature of life. From one state, you move to the next and the next and it keeps happening no matter what. Life is constant motion, Eternal, obvious. Even when you think you’ve got it figured out, that moment of, “Aha! Yes!” passes and a new set of information is given for you to look at. Here, look. Have you seen this? That? The old moments die, give rise to the new. They disappear, but the experience doesn’t – the experience gets integrated into your life understanding. Depending on what you’re looking at, it may be pleasant or not. However, all learning contributes to your evolution. See?

That’s what this is all about. This is your time to grow. The old forms don’t feel good anymore because you’ve grown past them. And the others around you are feeling this and will either grow with you or move out of your way and onto their own path. No matter, it keeps going. The cycle keeps on moving and that’s what life is. Ocean waves crashing on the shore. Over and over and over, different each time.

So where do we hang our hats? Where do we hang our hope when things come to change our outsides and our innermost depths? That’s what spiritual identity is all about. No matter what’s going on – there is this Being that is looking, watching, seeing all unfold. She is You, but not you. And she will continue to exist, to move and grow as you grow. And when she stops, you’ll die . . . Ah, but she won’t stop. Life wants to live. And Life finds a way. And since she won’t stop growing, you never die. You keep on. Not in this physical body, perhaps, but in another form of consciousness.

And so, when obstacles come your way, what do you do? You can cry. You can get angry. You can wish for someone to take the obstacles away. Or you can face them and say, “Well, here I am, so let’s see where working through this will take us.” And as you move through the obstacles, past them, around them, over them, you learn about yourself, you learn about your peers, you learn about your resilience and your weakness. Strength builds up inside of you. Confidence builds up inside of you. But you can’t run away. No matter what, confidence comes from facing challenges, working through tough spots, learning and growing.

Some people grow and learn in physical, concrete ways. They build things physically, tear them down, build them up again. Adjust the earlier structures to create better ones. Others are more mental in their learning. They play with concepts and ideas, testing and experimenting with them in the real world. Others still, learn emotionally. Feelings arise and course through their being, pleasant ones, challenging ones. Feelings make them to look up from whatever they’re doing and say, “What’s this? This is new. I don’t like this.” Or, “I do like this. Cool. How did I get here? Can I do it again?” But whatever happens, don’t get attached. That’s when pain sets in. Attachment is like an anchor to quicksand. Your soul wants to move. Attachment would have it suffocate and die. Bless the lessons. And move forward. And when fear comes, see it for what it is. Just fear. Just being afraid of the unknown. Being afraid of leaving people behind. Being afraid of what comes next. Being afraid of looking foolish. Being afraid of – whatever it is you’re facing. The battle, the dance, the job interview, the asking for a raise, the talking to a crowd of interesting strangers, the planting a kiss on someone’s lips because the spirit moved you. Either way, fear or no fear, listen to spirit, not to fear. You move through and get to the other side. It’s a constant cycle. In the meantime, the story of the world gets told.

Moving with life means allowing change to take place. Sometimes it’s not easy. Many of us are attached to the past. We glorify it, we define ourselves by it. And change takes some hard work. Some folks I know in Florida whose homes were destroyed by a hurricane — it was a change they did not consciously invite in, yet they have no choice but to deal with it and the tremendous amount of work ahead of them in securing a new or temporary home for their family.

Action is important. Listening to your spirit is even more important. It will guide your actions in ways you have not dreamed of. Even when it seems not to be in your best interest, if you follow Spirit, things move in your favor. The other way works too – listening to the fear that comes up when you resist acting on guidance — but the process takes longer, because each fear you listen to takes you to the same lesson over and over again until eventually you realize the lesson is still to act and move past the fear and get to the other side. That’s when you gain confidence as an agent of change in the world. Whether it’s a small change (I need to get a new couch) or a bigger change (I need to learn to say “Yes” when I mean Yes and “No” when I mean No), your actions speak to the intent of your spirit and your strength in carrying it out.

A wonderful thing it is to listen to the signals of change. The Universe rewards you for trusting its messages. Keep moving forward. Namaste.