The Challenge of Chaos: The Place of Shift

Posted by on February 7, 2018





I asked a friend recently if she felt the field of chaos in the collective consciousness at this time. (I’m currently reading a book* on the topic.) She said yes. I asked whether she felt some of that chaos internally ~ whether she experienced that the usual responses she’s had in life were no longer “right” ~ no longer useful, comfortable, authentic, or viable options. She said she’s noticing that she’s playing around with taking other options than her habitual patterns of behavior, yes.

I described to her what I’m currently experiencing, from the past few weeks, and I wondered if she felt similarly~

“It’s like this thing is happening and I see my habitual response to a situation a split second before I’m about to respond, and something in me pauses. If I take the moment of pause, in that moment, I notice my mind has gone blank. I haven’t stopped myself from responding habitually ~ it’s more that I notice that I’m not sure how to respond ~ or that a force within me is stopping me from responding ~ I may notice that my usual response isn’t fully aligned or true for me or for the situation I’m in ~ or I may notice that I go ahead and respond habitually, and then afterwards feel the urge to take myself back to the moment and tune into what my authentic, non-habitual choice(s) might have been.”

I have been witnessing myself doing this more and more lately, and it’s not even that I’m planning to create the pause ~ there’s just this new experience of emptiness inside me that is somehow untethered ~ and it knows it’s untethered ~ and in being untethered, knows it is at creative choice. I’m changing as a person in this way ~ feeling less bound ~ and this experience of emptiness-chaos makes me aware: that I’m not sure my habitual responses are truly appropriate or meaningful to what’s happening in front of me. And because of what I’m going through in my life ~ these personal challenges and ego-crushing growth cycles ~ I’m reminded daily that with each choice we make, we are making or unmaking our world. I feel that I’m a different person from who I was just a few months ago. I’ve changed; I’m in a place of Shift. And I’m continuing to change. And so is the collective consciousness. And in this field of chaos, there is such creative potential.

One useful inquiry when our moments of pause arrive: What kind of worlds do we wish to create?

Have a beautiful, fruitful eclipse season.


P.S. *The book I’m reading is: “Seven Life Lessons of Chaos,” by John Briggs and F. David Peat.