Depth Hypnosis & Applied Shamanic Healing

Depth Hypnosis is a deep and powerful healing modality created by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. Depth Hypnosis combines Transpersonal Psychology, Integrated Energy Medicine, Applied Shamanism, and Buddhist Psychology. I have found it to be one of the deepest and most effective methods for loosening the grip of negative or destructive complexes, beliefs, and personal agreements that we make with ourselves, others, and the world — agreements that no longer work for us, yet keep us in their grip. As the Depth Hypnosis sessions unwind these agreements, siphoned-off energy and power return, and clients begin to feel more whole, at peace, and empowered in their own life-experience.

Applied Shamanism is used in Depth Hypnosis to address power-loss and what some shamanic writers and spiritual teachers call “soul-loss” in the modern age. Functionally, it is a tool used to connect the client with guidance and power. When part of one’s energy system becomes siphoned off or co-opted into a circular, repetitive, or dysfunctional pattern, this dynamic usually indicates that one’s Inner Being is trying to heal and integrate unprocessed, un-metabolized material. Because the pattern is running unconsciously, the client experiences tiredness, confusion, fogginess, lethargy, a sense that something is “off.” By connecting the client to guidance and power, they can uncover the identity and nature of these energetic disturbances and redirect them towards resolution, claiming back their energy. Inner Journeying can be learned easily within a session or two by clients who are ready and open. It can take some time and some practice for those who are new to the work. If you are familiar and at ease with guided meditations, guided imagery, or close-eyed practices, this may be the natural choice for your transformative work.

“Unlike traditional hypnosis, which can be more suggestive in nature, Depth Hypnosis works to uncover, reveal, and heal what is at the root. So, instead of putting on what might be ill-fitting clothes, or attempting to convince your subconscious to think differently, we can uncover and reveal what is there, to free you. The process asks the conscious mind to step aside, and we work with feelings and sensations as they arise in the body, that may link to real-life experiences that have occurred. It is like following paths that lead in uncommon or unlikely ways; you see that things you might have never realized, are linked together.” ~Catherine Miller, M.A., CHT

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Effective for working through addictions, phobias, negative beliefs, blocks, and habits. Many will see changes within 4-6 sessions. A focused series of 10-20 sessions is often needed to shift and transform chronic, stuck issues.

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