In these fun and entertaining consultations, Rhea helps you access truths using archetypal divination. Symbols, archetypes, and universal energies emerge to tell a story that gives you spiritual insight into specific questions. $44 half-hour readings. $88 full hour readings. Skype sessions available. Book an appointment.


On occasion, Rhea is able to channel Guides and Helpers who give specific, directive messages from non-ordinary reality. If you need assistance gaining insight to a question or situation, these channelling sessions can help shed light on how to shift your perspective. In-person only. Inquire for availability and rates.


We are all spiritual, mystical beings having a nature-based, human experience. Our civilized Western world and goal-oriented Cartesian culture all-too-often negate and deny our deep wildish natures within ~ the inner core of the Earth-based, human creature who lives in cycles: the cycles of breath, the cycles of birth-life-death-life, the rising and setting sun, the waxing and waning moon, the waves of time, the waves of the ocean, the changing seasons. There are seasons to lie fallow, seasons to plant, seasons to grow, and seasons to reap. Moreover, each of us will at some point, come into contact with great joy and great suffering. There are soul-lessons we are here to learn, that have nothing to do with outer-world achievements, and have everything to do with inner-world growth.

If you are looking for mentorship on living a mystical, Earth-based life within contemporary modern-world cultures, this may be the right service for you. All spiritual mentoring sessions last up to 2 hours. Inquire about Spiritual Mentoring packages.

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