Friends and Colleagues ~ Resource List

We rarely are healed in isolation. We are healed in community. Here are some of my beautiful community of healers I am proud to know and and call my friends and colleagues. May their gifts continue to bring healing to the planet!

Bronwyn Ayla ~ acupuncture, Rosen method, Reiki Master, movement medicine, herbal medicine

Catherine Miller ~ couples counseling, shamanic healer, women’s empowerment work, business leadership, parenting, birth doula

Elana Morgulis ~ yoga and yoga nidra, breath work, mindfulness, psychotherapy, anxiety and stress management

Emily Ra ~ oracle divination, intuitive dreamwork, priestess work, ritual and myth, magic, herbalism, music, poetry, filmmaker

Jeff Wright ~ men’s healing, men’s groups, couples therapy, prayer circles, personal empowerment workshops, psychotherapy

Kayla Wexelberg ~ Taste Your Roots ~ the healing art of traditional food, food as medicine, private chef work, retreat & festival catering

Michael Eugene Brown ~ acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, artist

M Peterson ~ Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodywork, Craniosacral, Reiki, shamanic practitioner

Nick Venegoni ~ sound healer, shamanic practitioner, psychotherapy, LGBTQ journeys and meditations, queer spirit podcast

Nicole Adriana Casanova ~ soul architect, root to heaven mama, sound healer, guide, Reiki Master, prayer circles, sacred geometry visionary, poet

Quai Nystrom ~ community herbalist, psychotherapist, sweet sleep enthusiast

photo credit: Paola Koenig (c)2021

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