Filipino and AANHPI Diaspora Work

As a Tagalog-speaking Filipino-American therapist and proud member of the Filipino diaspora community, Rhea is deeply committed to providing psychotherapy and healing services to clients who identify as Filipino, Filipino-American, or part of the AANHPI diasporas. Everyone deserves a safe space to process and heal ~ especially, to tend to the grief and unique challenges of living away from one’s native homeland.

Clinical MFT and PsyD Post-Doc Training Program Coordinators:

Please inquire about Ms. Mistades’s clinical training on: “Filipino Narratives in the Clinical Setting,” designed for LMFT, LCSW, and PsyD post-doc training and licensure apprenticeship programs. This training discusses Filipino cultural concepts and narratives commonly misunderstood by Western psychology’s human development models. It also provides trauma-informed, rich, historical context that takes into account Filipino intergenerational losses, traumas, and diaspora experiences. Sample client vignettes will be discussed. The full training presentation (3.5hrs) may be adjusted to your program’s needs.

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