What is Energy Medicine?

Everything around us vibrates with energy. Energy medicine is about healing imbalances or “dis-ease” on an energetic, nonphysical level by treating the subtle energy systems that underlie physical, mental, and emotional health. One modality of energy medicine I use is Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is radiant, glowing, healing energy – and one of the most loving spiritual practices I’ve encountered.

Translated, the Japanese kanji “Rei” can mean mysterious, holy, Divinely guided, mystical, other-worldly, Transcendental, or spiritually intelligent; “Ki” means life force energy, breath, chi, prana, élan vitale – the animating force of all life.

“Reiki” is pure, unconditional, Divinely-guided life force energy – the breath of Life. It is Love. Love that is spiritual and selfless in nature – Agape in its purest form.

Reiki energy healers are trained to allow this sacred energy through to others for the purpose of healing body, mind, and spirit. Anyone can learn Reiki – even children! We are all imbued with the ability to learn this simple and powerful healing modality. All that is required are openness and the desire to learn.

How Reiki Heals

All living things are infused with life force energy: plants, animals, trees, flowers, people – some would argue even rocks, soil, water, fossils, minerals and crystal have Ki. What the Japanese, Chinese, Tibetans and Hindus call Ki (or Chi, or Qi, or Prana) is the life force energy flowing throughout and within your body. It enlivens your cells from the first moment of life until the time of death. Ki flows within the petals of a flower, the leaves of a plant, and the bones of an animal. When life force energy flows freely and undisturbed, you enjoy health, balance and tremendous well-being. You are fully aligned, living your highest life path, and knowing it. However, when obstacles arise that “block” or impede the life force energy from flowing freely (these blockages may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual in nature) varying states of dis-ease begin to manifest.

A Reiki healing (or Divinely-guided life force energy) is administered by a “laying on of hands.” As the Reiki practitioner treats the body, Reiki moves directly to the source of imbalance or disease and works to release the accumulated blockage or negativity. As these blockages are released, your body, mind and spirit are infused with radiant, free-flowing life force energy. Reiki supports the innate intelligence of each cell for self-healing and balance. Reiki healing is an art that promotes a return to your own optimal state of harmony, balance, and fullness of well-being.

The Benefits of Reiki – What does Reiki feel like?

For both practitioner and client, Reiki promotes a return to One’s original natural essence and supports the process of One’s spiritual unfoldment.

The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it. Many people find Reiki sessions to be relaxing, nurturing, and calming. Others find their sessions energizing and stimulating. Because Reiki works with each person uniquely, how one feels during and after a session varies greatly. Some people feel full of invigorating stamina afterwards; others leave relaxed and sleepy as the energy works with them to slow down and rest their bodies. Reiki always gives you exactly what is needed for your optimal healing.

If you are moved to contact me about energy medicine sessions, please do! I am happy to share my experience of Reiki energy medicine with you. I invite you to explore how Reiki can assist your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. May you be happy, joyful, and blessed. I look forward to working with you.


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